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Albert Serur and I am the CEO of The Serur Agencies. We pride ourselves in our ability to help individuals create wealth for themselves and their families. We believe an organization is only as great as the people working within it. The teams with the best players always end up winning the championships. Apply today to learn more about our unique culture and open positions within the organization. We look forward to hearing from you.
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Individuals with the right mindset. People who possess integrity, work ethic, and care to make an impact in their respective communities.

Opportunity Unlimited: At Serur Agencies, you decide what you’re worth. We don’t believe in “glass ceilings” and being apart of our organization means you are in control.

Freedom & Flexibility: Your performance determines how much you earn and how far you take your career. Put your ambition to work and give yourself the life many only have the opportunity to dream of.

Resources: Serur Agencies offers the highest quality of training and coaching in the industry, with resources and workshops constantly going on at our office and available online via computer or smart device.

Levels of Leadership

There are many levels of leadership in our organization. The top representatives and managers are recognized weekly within our agency, monthly in our companies’ international spotlight magazine and annually on stage at our companies’ five star conventions. All while leveling up through our organization straight to the top. Supervisor, Manager, General Manager and Junior Partner.

3 months – 1 year


Supervising agents serve as both trainers and leadership exemplars for benefits representatives. Supervisors receive higher compensation from their individual efforts as well as additional bonuses and residuals incomes through the associates they develop. (Responsible for 1-3 associates.)

1 year – 3 years


Our managers comprise the second level of leadership. This is the first upper level management position in which career development is assigned towards both benefit representatives and supervisors. Training and mentoring consists of a large portion of the role of individuals at this level. Managers receive additional bonuses and residual incomes through every associate they are responsible to work with. (Responsible for 4-9 associates.)

3 years – 6 years

General Manager

Associates in our third level of leadership can expect to be coaching, managing, and motivating large teams of managers and representatives. Our General Managers also facilitate workshops, maintain positive relationships with our client base, and lay out the grand designs to lead their teams to success on an international level. They also receive large incomes through bonuses based off of the results of every individual team member they are responsible for. (Responsible for 10-15+ associates.)

Leadership Perspective
We actively encourage our team to participate in leadership courses and dialogues and hold weekly meetings developing our leadership team on topics such as mindset, growth planning, and how to lead people with different personalities than ourselves. Iron sharpens iron and the more experienced our core management team gets the better the opportunity we can provide for our newest representatives and clientele.