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We protect and serve those who protect and serve us. Serur Agencies handles supplemental benefits to individuals and organizations globally.
Whole Life Insurance
Provides coverage for your entire life. Premium never increase during ownership of your whole life policy, also builds cash and loan value.
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Term Life Insurance
Coverage for a limited time. After that, policyholders typically pay increased premiums to continue coverage. Less expensive than whole life.
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Accident Protection
Just the thought of an accident taking a loved one’s life is very troubling. No matter your age or circumstances, you or a family member could be a victim.
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Hospital Indemnity
If you or a family member got sick or had an accident, would you be able to afford a large hospital expense? American Income Life offers an affordable hospital indemnity insurance policy that can help protect your family from the unexpected.
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Cancer Protection
Cancer diagnosis often causes financial hardship for families whether the patient is the primary wage earner or another member of the family. Many men and women don’t have the financial resources to survive while they are unable to work.
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Critical Illness
How would you handle a critical illness? How would you pay deductibles and other out-of-pocket medical expenses related to your illness? A critical illness policy can mean the difference between financial security and financial hardship.
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